Why so serious?

Why so serious, dear one?
Why are you frowning and sighing?
Have you forgotten how we used
to laugh and sing as children?
Don’t say that time is long gone,
and that so much joy will never return.
In truth, you have not lost your innocence
and the child is still there,
within you, impatient to play. 

I know it might be inconvenient,
and that the throdden paths will be abandoned.
But can you honestly say you are happy
without some childlike wonder in your life?
Don’t be afraid, 
But pardon me when I say,
that little child within needs you so very badly.
Can you feel her grief of never being taken seriously?
Now is the time, it’s never too late.
To be her mother, father and friend.
She loves you, and she will help you thrive.

So let’s dance in the meadow,
let’s howl to the moon.
Let’s forget we’re supposed to be adults
and run away one more time.
You haven’t lost your gifts for such happiness,
for such radiant and unapologetic joy
In truth, you are beautiful and wild,
and no one will ever trap you again.

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