You Belong Here


You, my dear, are so lovable
in all your vulnerability.
I know you’re tired and that this pain
feels unbearable.
I see you fully and I understand.
Please don’t hurt yourself further
by thinking that you need to change
or do better.
I’ve never heard such nonsense.
You are so beautiful and precious
and infinite, in this moment
exactly as you are.
There is no doing, striving or battling
that could enhance your loveliness
or make me love you more than I already do
right now.
You are the whole universe in a drop of rain
held by the sea of Life.
You belong here, there is infinite space for you
to cry and laugh and be yourself.
You are the Beloved’s sweetheart
Can you feel the gentle wind playing with your hair?
Whispering that you are held, no matter what you 
are going through, no matter how many mistakes
you think you’ve made.
Can you feel the grace brought by the pouring rain
offering you a fresh start, so you can believe again?
I know you’re weary, dear one, and that you feel so alone.
But in this moment, I reach out to you and hold your hand
and I want to tell you that you and I are the same,
that there is no seperation between your despair and mine.

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Whispers of the Beloved

I cannot sleep in your presence.
In your absence, tears prevent me.
You watch me My Beloved
On each sleepless night and
Only You see the difference

Looking at my life
I see that only Love
Has been my soul’s companion
From deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of Love.

If you can’t smell the fragrance
Don’t come into the garden of Love.
If you’re unwilling to undress
Don’t enter into the stream of Truth.
Stay where you are.
Don’t come our way.

All year round the lover is mad,
Unkempt, lovesick and in disgrace.
Without love there is nothing but grief.
In love… what else matters?

Love is our Mother and
The way of our Prophet.
Yet it is in our nature
To fight with Love.
We can’t see you, mother,
Hidden behind dark veils
Woven by ourselves.

Do you want to enter paradise?
To walk the path of Truth
You need the grace of God.
We all face death in the end.
But on the way, be careful
Never to hurt a human heart!

Do you know what the music is saying?
“Come follow me and you will find the way.
Your mistakes can also lead you to the Truth.
When you ask, the answer will be given.”

The Master who’s full of sweetness
Is so drunk with love, he’s oblivious.
“Will you give me
some of your sweetness?”
“I have none,” he says,
unaware of his richness.

You know what love is?
It is all kindness, generosity.
Disharmony prevails when
You confuse lust with love, while
The distance between the two
Is endless.

This Love is a King
But his banner is hidden.
The Koran speaks the Truth
But its miracle is concealed.
Love has pierced with its arrow
The heart of every lover.
Blood flows but the wound is invisible.

– Rumi

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New Blog For My Fiction and Poetry

Dear readers,

I’m happy to announce that I made a new blog where I will post my fiction and poetry.
I’ve decided to keep this blog for more personal musings and articles on emotional health, spirituality, the single life etc. 
If you are interested, you can find my new blog here

Wishing you a lovely day :) 

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Let Me Come Back To Myself

I don’t need to go anywhere
No need to feel jealous of ambitious travel plans.
My luscious garden during spring
is positively bursting with life.
The golden flowers and deep green leaves
kissed here and there by glistering drops of dew
are brimming with the promise of renewal
as I exhale a little bit deeper each time.
Let me just sit here, on this sparkling white bench
the sun caressing my weary face.
Let me leave behind the bustle and dreary business
of the Internet
the clouds of confusion and urgent longings
finger-painted by other people, but never really mine.
Let me feel the pulse of my wild heart again.
Let me come back to myself for a little while.

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Jeff Foster On Sadness

Your sadness doesn’t say, “Please fix me, heal me, or release me”. It doesn’t say, “Please get rid of me, numb yourself to me, pretend I’m not here”. It certainly doesn’t say, “Please get enlightened so I can die!”.

Sadness does not come to punish you, or reveal to you what a ‘spiritual failure’ you are. Sadness is not a sign that you are unevolved or far from healing, awakening, enlightenment, even peace. The presence of sadness is not an indication that you’ve done something wrong.

Sadness only whispers, “May I come in? I am tired, I long for rest”.

And you reply, “But sadness, I don’t know how to allow you in!”

And sadness replies, “It’s okay. You don’t need to know. I’m already in”.

And we bow to sadness then, we recognise how it’s already allowed in, how there’s enough room in us for sadness, how we are not ‘the sad one’, not contained within sadness, but the room for sadness, its space, its home, its salvation, its loving embrace; not as a goal, but as our nature – consciousness itself, already free.

Don’t heal yourself from sadness; let sadness heal you. Let it show you the way when you have forgotten. Let it reveal to you the mysteries of love. Let it remind you of your vast heart, your refusal to split off from any part of your ancient Self, that bigger Happiness you danced when you were young.

– Jeff Foster (

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Some Gems I’ve Found

Dear readers,

Today I’d like to share with you some articles I’ve read that I’ve found really helpful, insightful, inspiring and healing. I might repeat this in the future since I often bump into treasures. Just click any article that feels beneficial to you and enjoy. :) Have a wonderful day.

1. The Lost Art of Solitude – Zenhabits
2. 27 Mary Oliver Quotes To Inspire A Bold Life – The Bold Life (Did I mention I love this poet?)
3. The Pressure To Be ‘Happy’ – A Healing Space (I love all of Matt Licata’s writings – so gentle and encouraging to embrace yourself completely as you are)
4. Six Kinds of Loneliness – Lion’s Roar (Written by Pema Chödrön)
5. Signs of Spiritual Progress – Lion’s Roar (Again by the lovely and wise Pema Chödrön)
6. Respect Yourself. 11 Ways to Set and Keep Healthy Boundaries – InfoSelfDevelopment (I need the reminder from time to time)
7. Passive Aggression in Relationships – BaggageReclaim (if you notice you often get stuck in bad relationships, have trouble setting boundaries or standing up for yourself this site is THE place to be, trust me ;) )

This is my selection for now. I sincerely hope it could be of help to you.

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On Resilience

I was thinking today about what truly makes me happy in life. As any other human being I’ve longed strongly for certain things in life, whether it’s relationships, material possessions, good grades, wanting my day to go a certain way, wanting certain people to like me, etc. I’ve also experienced the bitter sting of disappointment when my wishes were thwarted. In fact I used to be convinced, especially during my teenage years, that the universe took delight in vexing me, making me feel excited about something and then abruptly and cruelly taking it away. I felt like a dog chasing its own tail. You have to forgive me for my rather ironic sense of self-importance (why would the universe, grand and infinite as it is, take such an (albeit negative) interest in me?), but the bottom line is that I felt deeply flawed and that I could only see reality through that lens.

Feeling like an outcast, loathed by other people and the universe alike, I one day came to the sudden realisation that I could still take care of myself, even if nothing went my way on the outside. That’s when I started to develop resilience. I don’t remember when exactly I started to think that way or how it happened. I think something stirred in me when I was in the middle of an abusive relationship, feeling completely stripped bare of all dignity. I think that’s when my spirit, hidden and buried by years of shame and trying to adapt myself to other people’s liking, started to awake and take notice of the mess I made. I started hugging myself and muttering ‘I love you’ when I looked in the mirror and felt the same old insecurity and hate. I started to resist the notion that everything was my fault and that I was just a burden to everyone else. When I finally went into therapy in an effort to break loose from that relationship, my therapist showed surprise at that side of me that had my back so tirelessly, that island in my vast sea of self-hate where I could find shelter. I’m convinced this spirit of resurrection exist in everyone.

The first time I realised this might be an innate aspect of the psyche is when I read Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was pleasantly surprised when I read about how she reached out to herself in her darkest moments and found comfort there. When she felt engulfed by depression and loneliness, she would take out her notebook and write ‘I need your help’. A loving presence would stir inside of her and write back, allowing her to exhale and relax in its tender embrace. I recognised this presence at once, because I also made use of written dialogue to evoke and make contact with it. So if she has it and I have it, it must be a power that transcends individual personality.

The truth is, I probably owe my life to this part of me that refuses to bow down and give up.
Do you relate to this experience? How has resilience showed up in your life?

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