If you can’t go to sleep

if you can’t go to sleep
my dear soul
for tonight
what do you think will happen

if you pass your night
and merge it with dawn
for the sake of heart
what do you think will happen

if the entire world
is covered with the blossoms
you have labored to plant
what do you think will happen

if the elixir of life
that has been hidden in the dark
fills the desert and towns
what do you think will happen

if because of
your generosity and love
a few humans find their lives
what do you think will happen

if you pour an entire jar
filled with joyous wine
on the head of those already drunk
what do you think will happen

go my friend
bestow your love
even on your enemies
if you touch their hearts
what do you think will happen

- Rumi


I am this movement, I am home

The sensuous ebb and flow of the breath, 
The warmth of the sun on the skin,
The touch of light on the eyelids, like a kiss,
The soothing sound of leaves rustling in the breeze,
The satisfying release of bodyweight into the support of the Earth -
Nothing in particular to do or be,
Just savoring the texture of life in this moment…

Relaxing, melting, softening into lusciousness.
Sinking down, letting go, deeper, deeper …
Breath spreading, massaging everywher inside, a gentle caress…Ah…
Here, now, the movement of life, touching me,
Healing me, revealing its simple truth – 
I am immersed in the embrace of life.

Yes, I hear the Yes.
And my response, Yes.
I am this movement.
I am home.

- Camille Maurine, Meditation secrets for women

Each condition I welcome transforms me

Willing to experience aloneness,
I discover connection everywhere;

Turning to face my fear,
I meet the warrior who lives within;

Opening to my loss,
I am given unimaginable gifts;

Surrendering into emptiness,
I find fullness without end.

Each condition I flee from pursues me.
Each condition I welcome transforms me
And becomes itself transformed
Into its radiant jewel-­like essence.

I bow to the one who has made it so,
Who has crafted this Master Game;
To play it is pure delight,
To honor it is true devotion.

by Jennifer Welwood 

Letting Go

by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

To let go. 
Some have a hard time 
letting go of what is no longer, 
what cannot be, what is not,
what has never been.

People say 
‘just let go, 
just let go, 
just let go’ 
scattering the platitude like confetti 
immediately swept away by any wind.

What is it exactly, this letting go? 
No longer allowing the eye
to be caught by the hook…
No longer fastening the lock on the door, 
just letting the door swing as it will…
No longer visiting the graves 
where there is no love 
and no blessing in both directions…
No longer reviewing and reviewing the past, 
even the last moment, 
as though there will be a test. 
There will not be a test, dear soul.

What is it exactly, 
this letting go?

Not reading the same chapter over and over
and over and over, futilely attempting 
to make the indelible facts be rewritten… 
Making new memories of quality
to bathe old scars and new life…
Moving into a larger world 
in which the past 
is but a dot on the landscape
rather than the only continent in sight.

We all find our ways… 
letting go is shaking loose,
letting go is turning
in your great coat, into a new wind
forward into new sky and open road
leaving what cannot be,
and taking all treasure
from the wreck.

Each in her own way.
Each in his own way.

This comes with love. Hang in there. No one deserves to be nailing the hem of their cloak to the crossroad that once was, but that is not now.


By Kahlil Gibran

Then a priestess said, Speak to us of Prayer.
And he answered, saying:
You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.

For what is prayer but the expansion of yourself into the living ether?
And if it is your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart.
And if you cannot but weep when your soul summons you to prayer, she should spur you again and yet again, though weeping, until you shall come laughing.
When you pray you rise to meet in the air those who are praying at that very hour, and whom save in prayer you may not meet.
Therefore let your visit to that temple invisible be for naught but ecstasy and sweet communion.
For if you should enter the temple for no other purpose than asking you shall not receive:
And if you should enter into it to humble yourself you shall not be lifted:
Or even if you should enter into it to beg for the good of others you shall not be heard.
It is enough that you enter the temple invisible.

I cannot teach you how to pray in words.
God listens not to your words save when He Himself utters them through your lips.
And I cannot teach you the prayer of the seas and the forests and the mountains.
But you who are born of the mountains and the forests and the seas can find their prayer in your heart,
And if you but listen in the stillness of the night you shall hear them saying in silence,
“Our God, who art our winged self, it is thy will in us that willeth.
It is thy desire in us that desireth.
It is thy urge in us that would turn our nights, which are thine, into days which are thine also.
We cannot ask thee for aught, for thou knowest our needs before they are born in us:
Thou art our need; and in giving us more of thyself thou givest us all.”


Beautiful Quotes about Sadness and Grief

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love.

- Rumi

It is so bittersweet, really. Being an open-hearted human can feel so fragile. Our friends sadness, grief, jealousy, hopelessness, and raw vulnerability are so often sent away, out the back door of our hearts, and into a lonely forest. This is sad. Please, don’t go, friends! Stay close! Let us keep the door open to these ones, day-by-day crafting a warm home and safe refuge for our own wholeness. For in doing so, the path from loneliness to Aloneness will become illumined, and we will provide safe passage for love in this world.

- Matt Licata

She is real and she feels pain, but it no longer defines her. When something precious breaks, her heart aches. She feels things acutely. She honours her loss, and she lets it pass. Her pain no longer disables, makes her sick, hopeless or numb. She’s learning that feeling her hurt is not the same as feeling powerless. It does not shut her down. She’s not getting lost in her pain. Paradoxically, the more she leans into it, the more it heals. This time, she’s standing in it, and not falling apart.

- Sukhvinder Sircar



To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness

Highly sensitive people are too often perceived as weaklings or damaged goods.
To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate.
It is not the empath who is broken, it is society that has become dysfunctional and emotionally disabled.
There is no shame in expressing your authentic feelings.
Those who are at times described as being a ‘hot mess’ or having ‘too many issues’ are the very fabric of what keeps the dream alive for a more caring, humane world. Never be ashamed to let your tears shine a light in this world.”

― Anthon St. Maarten

I’ve been too civilized

I’ve been…
too silent
too civilized.
I’ve swallowed too many NO’S
wide-eyed and feral-hearted instinct
repeatedly drowned in an ocean 
of acquiescence.

But wide-eyed, feral-hearted instinct
can’t be silenced forever.
That’s not how life moves.
Death brings rebirth.
Eventually, everything comes full circle.

Soul will shake the concrete off,
breathe the cobwebs out,
tear the windpipes loose.
Deep-knowing, dignified bones
eventually rattle themselves free…

- Julie Daley