An Estranged Friend

Surrounded by solitude
That familiar bruise
Acting up again
A scared little girl
in a universe of coldness
shivering her way to a golden piece of dust

She knows there is no other way
Others can’t reach her there
The most tender touch
just a small ripple
on the deep sea of her broken heart

Love has become
an estranged friend
no longer trusted, sought for
or recognised
She simply can’t fill the emptiness


a world beyond my fingertips
I can barely reach
A familiar sensation
of not belonging

Wish I could head
in the opposite direction.

Under the warm cloak of night
I feel a pull so heavy and insistent
it takes me by surprise.
Have I been here before?
If not, what is it that I miss?
Why does that old clock
makes me want to burst out
in bittersweet tears?

Floating in different directions
My heart straining
so big and wide
Open, warm, tearful love
Sprinkled all over my chest
How vast and infinite we are.

A thousand lifetimes
spent, wandering,
breathing, whispering,
calling, but never finding.

Change and lives that went missing

Where do I go from here?
Feels like I’m pulling on a leash,
further and further
until the moment comes
When I have pushed too far,
wanted to change too much,
and inescapably,
my world will be
propelled back
to the exact spot
from where I once came.

Breaking free
A constant battle
banishing the old
like a lover
no longer welcome
banging on your door.
It messes with your senses
A hazy mind
Pay attention now
Don’t clutch at the wrong straws.

A light in the darkness,
A dark friend,
A magpie in all its glory
the sacred alchemy
of black, blue and white.
Ever wondering
Should you embrace
your darkness or your light?

The darkness feels a little gentler now,
warm like a humid cave
Nourished by the womb of the earth.

Blinded, desperate, cast away,
you grasp at the parts of you
that went missing a thousand years ago.

An overdue letter to the Beloved

My dear Beloved,

We have been distant lately, You and I.
Or should I say, I have been distant from You,
drawing walls and veils between us,
for You are always there, 
present, ready, patient, loving
like a mother watching her child play
with toys she’ll forget about tomorrow.

Oh, how people talk about You!
Making others blind to reality, to your Love,
to your gentle caress, subtle as a touch of wind. 
I fell for it, I withdrew, believing I did not need You.
But I am here now, ready to remember once more. 
I smile because You knew
and You waited for me right at this spot in time
Nothing but Your Love remains, my gentle friend.


The Elixir of Life

I breathe in the elixir of life
Every moment so precious
Every colour so vivid and alive
The scent of flowers gently carried 
by the wind
When I slow down 
I can hear nature’s heartbeat
in the midst of pure silence
In that moment, I am whole again.

My Beloved is with me
reminding me to truly see
to truly breathe
to truly know
to truly love

If you can’t go to sleep

if you can’t go to sleep
my dear soul
for tonight
what do you think will happen

if you pass your night
and merge it with dawn
for the sake of heart
what do you think will happen

if the entire world
is covered with the blossoms
you have labored to plant
what do you think will happen

if the elixir of life
that has been hidden in the dark
fills the desert and towns
what do you think will happen

if because of
your generosity and love
a few humans find their lives
what do you think will happen

if you pour an entire jar
filled with joyous wine
on the head of those already drunk
what do you think will happen

go my friend
bestow your love
even on your enemies
if you touch their hearts
what do you think will happen

- Rumi